It Could Be As Simple As...

I had grand plans for this blog post. I was going to tell you about how I had this thing I was going to do about seven months ago, but I was procrastinating because, in my mind, the idea was getting bigger and better...and more complicated. 

I was going to tell you about a phone call I had with Kristen Kalp around that time during which she told me something that changed everything. She told me what I was doing was getting too complicated, and then she gave me these words:

It could be as simple as...

And that was it. I ended up getting past all the extra stuff I had built into my idea. No muss, no fuss. I set a deadline to take action, and I followed through. 

I've been procrastinating writing this post for the past several weeks because, in my mind, I was creating lots of fancy illustrations to help get the point across. I planned to go into the above story in great detail and show you how much of a difference those six words made in my life. 

Instead, I'm spending just a few minutes, keeping it simple, getting the job done, not letting it go on any longer. Maybe it will even be more powerful this way.

What have you been dreaming of doing for awhile now? If you strip away all the complicated elements you think you *need* to make it happen, what are you left with? Probably the dream that inspired you in the first place. 

the lifelong artist

Gather your dream back in

That dream you inflated to the point where it could never fit into your life. Bring it back to the size where you can play with it again and get a taste for how it might fit with your everyday. When your imagination starts churning, let it run as long as if feels good to do so. But if your plan starts feeling bloated and heavy, strip it back to the fun and inspiring parts. 

the lifelong artist

You are only on this earth for a short period of time, so take the small steps that might lead to big things. Don't worry about where the steps are going to take you. Feel your way along. Dip your toe in the water, then your feet. You don't have to go all in, but you'll never know what it could be like unless you get started. 

Finish the phrase "It could be as simple as..." for yourself. Pick something - anything - you've been shying away from because you've made it too big and scary, and give it the simplification treatment. 

And if you try this and it works for you, leave a comment below and tell me about it. 

Thank you for being here.


If you know someone who could use these words today, take a moment and share it with them. It would mean a lot to them, and it would mean a lot to me.