Life Is Waiting Around The Bend

wooded trail

Life as an artist is a long journey. Many days, the only thing you can see is the task in front of you. Life narrows in, and it feels like everything hinges on the success or failure of that one idea you've been pouring yourself into.

When you feel stuck and overwhelmed, pause and remember that what you are working on right now is just a stepping stone to becoming the person you are growing into.

The stretch of path you are on takes you to the next bend. The only way to get a clear view of what awaits you around the corner is to walk it out, step by step.

The goal isn't the task in front of you. You are working on something far greater than any one project. All the doubt and striving and frustration are building you into the kind of person who consistently brings important, beautiful things into the world and touches the lives of others.